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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of HBO's The Sopranos

We Created New Relevance With a Tweet

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Sopranos by handing out mob nicknames on Twitter. In less than a day, without media or paid influencers, we created a tweet frenzy fueled by celebrities that reached over 300 million and drove a 350% increase in streaming views on the day of the stunt.

Our content division developed a social stunt to re-contextualize the series into a modern cultural language.

The stunt started by building hype.

We delivered baked ziti to micro-influencers throughout New York City, defined Italian-American slang on social media and shared posts highlighting iconic lead Tony Soprano.

Once hyped, our Content division delivered the Twitter stunt—@HBO sending its followers custom, Sopranos-inspired mob nicknames.

The Impact

Our viral Twitter stunt received:


impressions (all organic)


increase in streaming views on the day of the stunt.




coverage from Fast Company, The Daily Mail, Ad Age, BuzzFeed and more…


participation from Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda to American Journalist Jake Tapper.