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Audience Intelligence

Successfully reaching high potential targets in the right place at the right time is the key to maximizing marketing ROI.

But advertising campaigns often don’t reach who they are supposed to.

Shortcomings in the planning process are ultimately behind this problem. To adapt, advertisers and agencies are forced to cobble together solutions. As a result, precision and scale suffer.

Big Village is here to help.

Audience Intelligence is a fully integrated and holistic planning and activation platform.
Provides deep insight on the media behaviors and attitudes of over 5,000 market segments
Each segment is curated from and fully integrated with the marketing ecosystem through best-in-class AI, enabling highly precise cross-channel activation without the hops and jumps other platforms require
Segments are updated daily, ensuring only the most up to date insights and access
Proprietary segments from customer databases or custom research can easily be onboarded to unlock insights and reach segments not already included in the platform

Instant access to actionable insights

  • Thousands of segments curated directly from where campaigns will be delivered+ technology to onboard your own custom personas/segments
  • Extensive consumption, values, and attitudinal trends across a wide range of traditional and emerging media that can drive planning against these segments
    • What segments are reading, watching, listening to
    • Where they are reading, watching, and listening
    • When they are reading, watching, and listening
    • What platforms they are using to access content
  • Additional insights on segment needs/values that can be used to inform pitches or content strategies
  • Ongoing updates on topics of interest, such as political sentiment, current events, social issues, and more
  • Year on year trends
  • Access to the eyeballs of each segment in real time across the digital landscape

How Audience Intelligence works

Audience Intelligence is built on over 5,000 segments that are curated directly from highly nuanced online signals

Deep media insights on each segment are unlocked via a nationally representative survey built directly on top of them

Segments can be targeted in real time on a number of different digital platforms, including external platforms such as paid social, other publisher networks, and DMPs

Custom segments ranging from proprietary brand personas to new product intenders can be seamlessly integrated into the platform with a quick onboarding process, if desired


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