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We’re powered by our data-driven insights

At Big Village, we explore the intentions behind customer behavior, uncovering not just the “what” but the “why”. We go beyond research to deliver integrated expertise and products that fine tune your data strategies, drive bottom line growth, and differentiate in today’s marketplace.

Our industry advisors collaborate with your teams to uncover the human truths that help you activate insight and accelerate growth. We proudly support clients’ Insights needs with our agile tools, CX research, journey mapping, branding, concept testing, product testing, innovation, strategy, data & analytics, and digital qualitative and communities. We have expertise in specific markets such as B2B and younger generations.

How Big Village Insights can help

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Our Audience solutions help you deliver the right message to the right consumer, enabling you to understand customers & prospects, define their needs & determine how to best reach them.

Product Innovation

Big Village designs custom solutions to help you understand consumer and market reactions to concepts as innovations are being developed, without slowing down your fast-paced timelines.

Building & Measuring Your Brand

Through a combination of survey research, online qual, activation techniques, and a portfolio of measurement solutions, Big Village delivers custom solutions to help you build and measure your brand.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

Big Village’s holistic CX approach combines your customers’ and employees’ voices with performance measurement, behavioral data & predictive analytics to help maximize customer lifetime value.

B2B Growth

Big Village is your strategic B2B growth partner to help you identify and effectively pursue new markets, new audiences, new solutions and new requirements for existing customers.

Agile at Big Village

Agile at Big Village takes complex issues and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks. We leverage our unique combination of qualitative, quantitative, secondary and analytic tools, combined with industry expertise to provide our clients with insights they can use quickly.

Our agile approach is designed for flexibility, allowing for new questions to arise during the project, with the most relevant methodology applied — in the moment — to address emerging questions. Experienced project leaders and industry experts guide our clients through quickly-paced, results-focused agile projects. Focusing on the most pressing questions and building on insights over time, our clients gain the understanding they need to win in the market, fast.

Insights Leadership

Don Simons
CEO, Insights
Rich Catrone
EVP, Global Operations
David Albert
GM, Business Advisory
Jon Harding
Managing Director
Andy Davidson
Head of Data Strategy and Analytics
Seth Hardy
Managing Director, Agile Surveys

Insights Capabilities

Many insights companies talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Big Village has years upon years of research expertise. So no matter what your research focus is, we have the solutions you need (and the experts to back it up).

Focused on Customers

Give your customers the experience they deserve
  • Acquisition
    Competitive Assessment
    Transactional Monitoring
    Journey & Experience Mapping
    Relationship Monitoring
    Retention & Lifetime Value
    Maturity Modeling
    CX Transformation
    Guest Satisfaction

Focused on Market Understanding

Give your customers what they really want
  • Ad/Copy/Message Testing
    Brand Positioning & Tracking
    Attitude & Usage Mapping
    Concept Development & Testing
    Market Segment Mapping
    Product Testing/Home Use Testing
    Product Configuration & Pricing
    Campaign Measurement
    Product Evaluation
    Product Optimization
    Shopper Insights
    Market Sizing
    Social Listening
    Youth Trends

Focused on Smart Strategy

Take your brand in the right direction
  • Competitive Intelligence
    Expert & Lead User Research
    Market Intelligence Mapping
    Trends & Ideation
    Marketplace Analytics
    Cultural Impact
    Thought Leadership

Focused on Data & Analytics

Make your data work harder for you
  • Improving Reach & Effectiveness
    Monetizing Your Data
    Reaching Special Audiences
    Data Services
    Data Strategy
    Market Mix Modeling
    Attribution Modeling
    Digital Transformation
    Data Management
    Text/Sentiment Analytics
    Choice Based Models
    Max Diff
    Bayesian Driver Analysis

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