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Helping a Smartphone Manufacturer Unlock Insights with Segmentation

Big Village recently partnered with a leading smartphone manufacturer to help them gain a deeper understanding of their customer base by creating an online survey that covered their entire portfolio. Prior segmentation efforts were limiting and did not include an understanding of the personas, hindering the company’s ability to expand their footprint in the US. Through this collaboration they were able to develop robust personas based on each priority target segments’ needs and extend their reach beyond what has traditionally worked for them. As a result, the brand was able to evolve how it is perceived by consumers and find areas in which there was potential for success.

What We Did:

Phase 1

Quantitative Segmentation

  • Using prior category knowledge, Big Village created an online survey to cover the client’s entire portfolio.
  • The segmentation was built on the representative sample of consumers that included a mix of customers and prospects.
  • A series of workshops enabled the client and Big Village to identify core targets for each of the product offerings.

Phase 2

Persona Development

Big Village used the classification algorithms from the segmentation to conduct a 3-day Digital Hive. From there, we developed robust personas based on a deep understanding of the nature of consumers who represent each of the priority segments identified as a key target for at least one of the products.

The Results

The partnership between Big Village and the leading smartphone manufacturer was a success, as it enabled them to unlock insights with segmentation that allowed for actionable growth-oriented marketing efforts. By using a representative sample of customers and prospects, they were able to develop robust personas based on an understanding of each priority target segments’ needs. This allowed them not only to size the opportunity but also identify areas in which their brand had the most potential for success. Through this collaboration, they have been able to extend their reach beyond what has traditionally worked for them and evolve how their brand is perceived by consumers.