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CARAVAN Helps Global Hotel Chain Optimize Ad Campaign in Multiple Countries

A prominent global hotel chain needed to choose between two versions of a video commercial that would run in several countries across the world. They were struggling to decide which commercial would work best across the most countries. Time was short and the budget for further research was extremely limited.

What we did:

Big Village leveraged our CARAVAN® International Omnibus to conduct a multi-national survey. The CARAVAN team reviewed and edited the client draft of the English language questionnaire and once finalized, handled the translations. Data was collected via the CARAVAN International Omnibus, fielding two individual waves (one wave for each client-provided video) in 8 key countries. Despite some minor differences in translations, the two commercials across all the countries were mostly the same.

The result:

While the client initially thought they would pick the same video to go to market with in each country, the data indicated otherwise. Some countries preferred one commercial while others preferred the alternative commercial, sometimes by a wide margin. The client was extremely thankful to have partnered with us to determine this important outcome, all within a 2.5-week period.